Essay: Socioeconomic Status and HIV Trials

10 Oct

Essay: Socioeconomic Status and HIV Trials

Sample Essay

Since the inception of highly active antiretroviral therapy or HAART in 1996, the AIDS related mortality had decreased significantly but AIDS mortality inequalities by socioeconomic status (SES) groups remain stable. This difference in the mortality is the same issue that is attributed to subject participation in HIV trials. Notably, most individuals with low SES do not have access to clinic trials and when they are enrolled in trials they rarely complete the trials due to lack of fund for transportation, inability to take time off from their low paying jobs to attend clinics for the fear of losing their job.

Additionally, there is a strong correlation between individuals with low SES and educational level, since the low SES persons are more likely to be less educated. As a consequence, many low SES feel to understand the need of enrolling in clinic trials, do not access to the information on current clinic trials (Auerbach and Coates, 2000), and even when they are enrolled many of the patients are not motivated to follow up.

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