Essay: Social Network Theory

11 Mar

Essay: Social Network Theory

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Some of the aforementioned examples can be explained in terms of Social Network theory. Social networks explore the relationships of subjects under consideration and further evaluate the effects of relationships on linguistic choice while communicating under different circumstances. Social networks are usually classified into dense or loose on the basis of the strength of the social network. A network is referred to as dense if the people we are communicating with also communicate amongst them.

Dense social networks act as a means of norm reinforcement. Loose social networks lack a means of norm reinforcement and are usually agents of language change. It has been observed that migrant communities living in close quarters with each other and comprising of dense social networks are less open to their surroundings and find it difficult to adapt to the situation at hand. Conversely communities characterized by loose social networks usually find it easy to assimilate into their environments leading to changes in their language and modes of communication over time (Mullany, 2007).

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