Essay: Social Information-Processing Model

19 Oct

Essay: Social Information-Processing Model

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The study done by Crick and Dodge (1994), in an extension of an earlier model that had been done by Dodge et al. (1986), confirmed that cognition or knowing occurs when mental processes act upon a sensory input. This notion is pivotal to most of the information-processing models. Unlike most models, however, Crick and Dodge (1994) mainly focused their model on only one type of sensory input, and that is social information.

This model explains children’s processing of social information using what is known about cognitive processing, on the whole, within an information-processing perspective. in this¬† model described that is described by, Crick and Dodge (1994) they came up with six major steps that occur while a child is evaluating social information. Three major assumptions about information-processing underlie these major steps. One of these assumptions is that information-processing can take place in a parallel or simultaneous fashion; that is, individuals can be engaged in several social information-processing steps at the simultaneously. In other words, information-processing at one step does not necessarily end before another processing at another step is initiated. However, the steps of this model are thought to be occurring simultaneously in individuals, processing a particular stimulus into a behavioral response is believed to generally follow a certain sequence of steps.

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