Essay: Social disorganization of Society

10 Oct

Essay: Social disorganization of Society

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Developed by Clifford shaw and mckay henry in Chicago school, this contepmlary theory closely relates juvenile delinquency to social dis organization of a society as dictated by the ecological aspects surrounding a society. They define social disorganization as the inability of a society to organize itself in a more socaially acceptable manner that perpetuates harmony and the general social well being of a society as a result of changes in the ecological changes within a society.

For instance, a city may experience a massive relocation of its inhabitants who go ahead to establish other settlements within the vicinity thus ending up with informal settlements such as slums. People no longer live together as a luster  leading to emergency of new social classifications with low income populations finding themselves together and vice versa. Such people usually exhibit a higher population turnover leading to more crowding and eventually causing degradation of their economic empowerment implying that they will be poorer. Youth from these poor neighborhoods tend to adopt immoral behavior as they feel pressed by their socio-economic status d well described as low. Through the process of interacting, young people learn different behaviors from those within their neighborhoods and in most cases end up adopting the same behavior with time. Negative neighborhood ecological trends have been linked to higher crime rate among juveniles as social disorganization results in such clusters of communities that develope new social behaviour especially with low income populations.

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