Essay: Social Contract Theory

18 Oct

Essay: Social Contract Theory

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One of the hottest issues in any political framework is the implication of the relationship that exists between the individual and the state. Plato argues that all dwell in a state and benefit from its laws and therefore all have an obligation to obey its laws. It has been noted earlier that Socrates refuses to escape from prison so that he can abide by the laws of the state. He even considers it an injury to the state. Funny enough, he further refuses to pay a fine in that there is a higher value in the picture. He seems to stand by his moral convictions and ideologies.

Social Contract Theory regards the persons’ moral and/or political duty and obligation as dependent to an accord among them to build a society. It is actually on these grounds that Socrates affirms his decision to stay in prison and not heed to Crito’s offer.  It is however important to note that the notion of Social Contact Theory is associated with the present connotations in morality and politics. Thomas Hobbes is the major proponent in these developments (Philosophy Encyclopedia 1). Here, the citizens agree to work together and live in harmony for the sake of mutual benefit. In such a contract certain natural rights are upheld, certain liberties are regulated, duties, the assumptions of various duties, and the involvement of the collective exercise of certain powers (Constitution Society 1).

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