Essay: Social cognitive difficulties

19 Oct

Essay: Social cognitive difficulties

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Moreover, the results of the study by Weiss (1984) are significant because they suggest that social-cognitive difficulties are really associated with the child’s learning disability rather than other behavioral features they may possess. Both the children with and the children without ASD were also classified as being aggressive or nonaggressive.

Difficulty interpreting nonverbal visual and verbal auditory information was consistently more difficult for aggressive and nonaggressive children with learning disabilities than for children of these behavioral sub-types who did not have learning disabilities. This finding is of interest because aggression has not only been found to commonly co-occur with learning disabilities, but to be a characteristic of children who are not well accepted by their peers (e.g.,Konstantareas & Homatidis, 1989; Parker & Asher, 1987). In addition, aggressive children are more likely than nonaggressive children to make faulty, hostile, attributions when interpreting social information due to a reliance on inappropriate schemas (Crick & Dodge, 1994).

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