Essay: Social change in the modern world

18 Oct

Essay: Social change in the modern world

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Social change is one of the most dynamic aspects in the modern world today. It can be witnessed that there are a lot of changes going on in the world today. Changes in civilizations, economies, political systems, cultures, technology, and group interactions are the order of the day. This is bringing a lot of completion from one entity, for instance business institutions, to the next entity. This competition is rampant and persistent so that it can withstand the drastic improvements that are taking place.

The dictum that one cannot step on the same river twice is understood very well when one looks at the evolution taking place in the society and all its structures. This paper therefore seeks to present the aspect of social change in the contemporary world. It will describe the various ways in which the understanding of social change has evolved together with the absurdity encountered in a bid to understand these evolutions. In particular, it will analyze on how the understanding of social change itself has changed overtime and the rationale behind this change. To elucidate more on this theme, various theories of social change will be considered, for instance, the conflict theory, Darwinism, and functionalism theory. The aim is to give a background and a historical reflection in regard to social change. The influence of media will also be considered.

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