Essay: Sleep environment-Crying Babies

19 Oct

Essay: Sleep environment-Crying Babies

Sample Essay

Silence is an important ingredient of sound sleep (Mitchell, 2000, p. s7). Babies have been known to sleep soundly even in a noisy environment although these noise has certain thresholds that destruct babes sleep. It is therefore advisable that the sleeping environment for toddlers remain as silent as possible to avoid crying whenever their sleep is interacted. Bed sharing is a possible cause of crying in babies (Scragg, 1998, p. 227).

Bed sharing culture is mostly associated with cultural believes that many societies still believe in. It can cause a lot of discomfort for babies who respond with an anger cry, which is known to last for longer periods. Adult beds are not acceptable in regard to the US federal standards and therefore should not be reserved for infants (American Academy of Pediatrics, 2000, P. 667). Portable cribs are recommended for infants as the shield the away from any physical contacts that may awaken them and induce crying.

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