Essay: Similarities in Economic Powers between Syria and Iran

11 Oct

Essay: Similarities in Economic Powers between Syria and Iran

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Following these similarities in economic powers of both countries, analysts have it that narrow political based stands are the main obstacles to economic reforms. The countries have failed to move into the competitive global market as their political beliefs limit investors from accessing their grounds. Extensive political reforms are therefore necessary to break these barriers that hinder economic growth of both countries (Raphaeli, & Gersten, 2008). This push stand as a real threat to the alliance as the countries my any time contemplate adjusting their forms of government to suit the global demands.

Adjustments are more probable it the two countries come to face with the fact that vices such as corruption, strictly regulated socialist economies and  inefficient economic strategies presided by quasi totalitarian regimes. A decision to change certain policies independently is therefore a real threat to the 30 year old alliance between Syria and Iran.

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