Essay: Significance of Green Technology

17 Oct

Essay: Significance of Green Technology

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Recent trends in destruction of the environment calls for very stringent measures or otherwise life on the earth’s surface will remain under a constant threat. One of the most effective ways to deal with this problem is the use of green technology. This scientific approach aims at reducing pollution and maximally conserving energy and the environment. The question is; how effective and sustainable is green technology in both conserving the environment ad saving energy? Well, this can possibly be answered in a more comprehensive manner when its applications are experimented. We can say that techniques already tried have seemed to work proving that the venture is worthy trying.

Introduction of green building is in no doubt a good approach by green technology to conserve the environment without causing any negative effects on the same. This project has boosted this project by introducing environment sensitive homes. Since the reduce energy use and discourage waste production, these house if well promoted will help much in these efforts. In line with the millennium development goals on environment conservation, green technology in form of green purchasing will by far promote campaigns pushing for this. Using our money in buying goods whose effects has less damaging effects on the environment is no doubt a good option . Educational forums should be organized across the globe aiming at promoting green purchasing. Despite the fact that such ventures will have a negative impact in various economies, they should be siphoned systematically into practice with special considerations to economic sectors that are affected most by these changes change.

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