Essay: Setting up a Wellness Centre in School

21 Oct

Essay: Setting up a Wellness Centre in School

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The groups were expected to meet regularly and discuss the problems that the students were facing. Viable decisions needed to address the identified problems in a sustainable manner. In addition, the model solution was to integrate all aspects of the problem and provide a viable solution (Crick & Dodge, 2004). Setting up a wellness center in the school required substantial input and partnership from various stakeholders.

To begin with, the planning group that comprised of representatives of all key stakeholders was established. The planning group clearly defined the purpose of the program to be prevention of violent behavior and promotion of the physical wellbeing of the students. As indicated earlier, all stakeholders ascertained that since the problem affected the entire society, planning and implementation of the wellness center would involve all stakeholders. Thus the final planning group would be represented by persons drawn from the above mentioned groups.

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