Essay: Semi- Structured Interviews

11 Oct

Essay: Semi- Structured Interviews

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Unlike the questionnaire framework, where detailed questions are formulating ahead of time, semi structured interviewing starts with more general questions, which in this case will be name, age, where the participants are from and the area they live in. Looking at young peoples involvement in crime are initially identified and the possible relationship between these topics and the issues such as availability, expense, effectiveness become the basis for more specific questions which do not need to be prepared in advance.

Note that not all of the questions are designed and phrased ahead of time. The majority of questions are going to be created before the interview, however some will be created during the interview, allowing both me and the participant being interviewed the flexibility to probe for details or discuss issues based around the topic (Willig, 2008).

By using semi- structured interviews it will allow me to get in depth answers from each individual participant which will help dramatically when analysing the research. Also each answer will be different to one another so this will give me an even better analysis in regards to the factors on why youth get involved in knife crime. However whilst conducting the semi structured interviews I will bear in mind not to force the participant into feeling pressurised into telling more than is expected.

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