Essay: Selection and Recruitment China Lafarge

11 Oct

Essay: Selection and Recruitment China Lafarge

Sample Essay

The problem of selection and recruitment in this context is an issue in the sense that effective productivity of an employee start right away from selection and recruitment. Selection and recruitment process was influenced by local bureaus recommending candidates by acquaintances and recruitment was geared towards selecting peasants who had little education that company purchased their land. Evidently, the low level of education, skills, and competence and inexperienced in industrialist work was a major challenge to the hiring process that hampered productivity (eds. Warner & Joynt, 2002).

In reaction to selection and recruitment inefficiency, Lafarge Company took initiative towards changing it at the launch of Chinefarge. This was necessary because Lafarge competes for the best people in the labour market with a long-term view as cement industry requires employees with long term commitment. Therefore, the firm started to recruit diversified and international staffs that have a potential to evolve. As a result, the recruitment process involved expatriates, local employees and technical staff (Gooderham & Nordhaug, 2003: 116).

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