Essay: Scope of Web 2.0 in Social Networks and Marketing

7 Apr

Essay: Scope of Web 2.0 in Social Networks and Marketing

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Social networks are the key entities that used web 2.0 as an effective medium for sharing and communicating information. This technology has a huge scope in future for both social networks and businesses or for both of them as a sole achiever in the same business interest. There are numbers of social networks currently being working over the internet but are unstructured and not aligned with core services due to negligence and lack of information. As technology holds a firm grip in business and continues to do so in the future as well, the scope of web 2.0 will simultaneously grow (Dasgupta et al. 2009).

For instance, facebook and Cisco have a business integration to have facebook’s like button throughout its data centre product portals other product pages. Cisco has a promising growth strategy to spread and communicate its business strategy to its customers and partners through social networks. The like button concept will give Cisco’s customers a greater sense of reliability and easier way to communicate with and get feedbacks from the company. Through social networks Cisco integrated its business strategy into Likewise, there are many other companies that have sought and will seek the advantages they can achieve through web 2.0 via social networks (Brill 2010).

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