Essay: School marketing and technology management

11 Oct

Essay: School marketing and technology management

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To sum up this research paper, the paper has examined the best policies, practices and principles which may be put into action to develop and implement a plan for both school marketing and technology management. It is evident that, in educational environment planning is important to administrator. In this regard, Planning is the conceptualization of ideas, development and implementation of these ideas to reach a measurable objective that allow administrators to think before acting in long and short term.

Therefore, administrator can solve major challenges in the education environment and result to a better and successful school management by actively organizing and planning school policies and essential structures. In planning and implementing key strategies, the administrator use of policies that are participatory and involving to the stakeholders is critical success factor.

Key points that need to be emphasized on in regard to this report are;

         Planning is essential to administrator after conducting gap analysis of the institution.

         Before promoting the educational institution, it is necessary to build strong relationship with the facilitator who reaches to large population; media.

         Marketing is necessary to the school through media, but involvement, commitment and supporting marketing strategies are vital, since it cements media-school relationship.

         In order to be technology conscious, effective and efficient within our schools, there is a need to update our technology use to the students, staff, teachers and administration.

Therefore it has been a wonderful opportunity to review the process, practices and policies which can be used to enhance school marketing and technological management.

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