Essay: School administrators should promote events

17 Oct

Essay: School administrators should promote events

Sample Essay

Despite media promoting school based activities, there should be initiatives by the school administrator to prove and support promotion events. These activities and process should be internal facilitations to portray the positive image depicted by the advertisements and promotions carried by the media. Some of this practices and processes are signage which helps visitor, parents and new students to locate the necessary offices they intend to visit. The designing of the signposts must reinforce message of quality and academic excellence of the school.

Secondly, Customer service is very important (Trotter, 2003; Lieberman,1993) to the parents, students and all visitors. Thus a flexible customer care with open door policy and parent information booklet usually encourages community and promote school’s positive image to the public. In addition to that, at waiting room there should be promotion in foyer like student artistic work, photographs of Students of the Month or an In the News board or promotional video running. Moreover, staff should be part of the promotion through their understanding to saying a word of hello and offering help to visitors. Website is other brilliant way of opening up the school events and events to the community.

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