Essay: School’s Media Relations, Marketing and Technology Management

12 Oct

Essay: School’s Media Relations, Marketing and Technology Management

Sample Essay

Education field is vital societal force that plays major role to our society’s daily life. However the difference comes by virtue of effectiveness of instruction planning, development, management and evaluation. If three components are managed well, then we shall have best systems of education that equips learners with long-lasting, current, useful and relevant knowledge to take part in developing our society (Padgett, 2007, p. 30). Unfortunately, learners can no design this key components on their own nor do they have technical know how of doing the same. Therefore, it becomes the task of administrator to plan, develop and manage the systems relevant to raise educational level.

However owing to the societal dynamism, education management does not rely on the theories without technological input. Thus, educational management practices are entrepreneurial with insight to trends of technology. In this connection, tools of design to realize entrepreneurial and technological spheres through understanding and reaching out to people in the society, to impact their lives positively through: media, marketing and technological management.

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