Essay: Saudi schools in the UK

12 Oct

Essay: Saudi schools in the UK

Sample Essay

King Farad Academy is composed of both boys and girls sectors in the school with a population totaling to 1,000 students of varied ages between 3-18 years General (Teaching Council for England, 2003, p. 48). A close association between the teachers, students, administrators, and parents is maintained in the school that enhances effective learning and molding a professional community. Thirty-five different nationalities are represented in the school a factor that ensures a cohesive development in intellectual awareness appreciating the way of life and philosophies of people originating from diverse cultures.

According to The religious education CPD handbook, bilingual based Islamic international education is provided to the students of the school. It is a principle understanding of the school that that every student posses a talent which should be carefully natured in the course of the teaching process, helping them to realize their full potential so that they become valuable citizens who appreciates the multicultural society. King Fahad academy has aligned its curricular with the classical or liberal system of schooling. The school is therefore deemed unbiased since its curricular is grounded on ancient philosophies such as those used by Greeks for instance the complex philosophical and theological arguments (Dennis, 2009, p. 39). This serves as a strong point for this school as its education can be undertaken just like any other with the only difference being the language used by teachers to disseminate information. This fact is proven by the abilities posed by graduates from this school. These students are able to take on further or higher education in any other institution. Their incompetence in English does not object them since English is also taught in the school as a second language.

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