Essay: Saudi schools in the UK-The King Fahad Academy

11 Oct

Essay: Saudi schools in the UK-The King Fahad Academy

Sample Essay

The King Fahad Academy is one such school that offers Arabic language as the first language and English as a second language. There are several conflicting views as to why schools of such calibers are established, with many scholars assuming that it was for cultural reasons. According to Butt, (2008, 77), Muslims communities believe that the rapid encroachment of the secular traditions into their culture would corrode and possibly erode their traditions, which they really treasure. Most Muslim parents believe that taking their children to schools that use Arab as their main language would safeguard their traditional values and retain their cultures.

However, Butt (2008, 78) reveals that there are Muslim parent who still believe in the British education citing that its neutrality help their young ones interact with other people more freely in the world of employment. Such contradicting views result into a bang of ideas between different groups thus raising many questions in people’s attitudes towards the language differences in such a curriculum (The religious education CPD handbook).

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