Essay: Role of Public and Private Sectors in Healthcare

10 Oct

Essay: Role of Public and Private Sectors in Healthcare

Sample Essay

In many developing countries, deaths from preventable diseases are on a rising trend. Developing world is the most affected especially those found between the tropics. It is very clear that these deaths are preventable as indicated by recent reports by the world health organization (WHO) (Jeffrey, p. 6). Goals have been set in respective countries and strategies laid down to combat various diseases such as malaria and tuberculosis. However, these goals have rarely been achieved. This is a major setback for many states, which end up using a lot of money in different projects only to end up fallen belly up and sunken into a more sickly status of their citizens (34). Many barriers have been associated with these fights against diseases and this paper is going to look at participation of both the public and private sectors in achieving a healthy population.

Politics play a major role in driving various sectors of the economy. This is by influencing plans by various governments on how to spend their resources. Many African governments are conspicuously branded with the culture of committing little funds from their national budget on health (Jeffrey, 45). Many people end up dying from curable diseases due to unavailability of medicine thus a big failure by one arm of the public sector. However, in instances where funds are available, better services are evident especially involving NGOs.

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