Essay: RIM Policy

28 Mar

Essay: RIM Policy

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The company also has the tendency to rely too much on local talent from the area of its main facility and the adjoining places. Its standard reserve available atWaterloois slowly withering away as well and its will need to go outside of it to get a larger number of fresh engineers. This in turn poses another important problem. The company’s main facility is already overcrowded with the company founder famously joking about the parking problem there on national television.

The company is going to find it very difficult to keep the nearly 1400 new employees it needs at Waterloo(Beamish). If they are somehow hired, they would have to be inculcated with the RIM culture faster than the usual crop of employees if that element of the company is to be retained. These new recruits also have to be experienced professionals and ready to start innovating since RIM wants rapid development to stay high in the market which is going to be s problem since most good, experienced engineers won’t be unemployed or very easily lured.

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