Essay: Rihanna’s promotions

6 Jul

Essay: Rihanna’s promotions

All promotions in the music are handled by the record company. Rihanna’s promotions are done by Def Jam Records, that have the four basic music marketing aspects these are the radio, public relations, gigs and music retail. These are the current promotional mix tools used in the music industry.

The current promotion objective is to reach a wider international market base. This is seen by the various promotional campaigns done. They are using the internet more and more, with advertisements on social online networks like youtube, Facebook, twitter and Myspace. Def Jam Records also has a website that shows photographs of Rihanna, her albums, products, concerts ad concert days, products on Rihanna and other collectables Def Jam (2009).

The current promotional elements are integrated, as they work together to promote the singer. The marketing arm of the record company oversees the steps taken by each promotion aspect. Though they may higher an outside firm for the promotion and marketing to distribution, the purpose of the music manager and public relations officer if the overseeing of the product.

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