Essay: Revolutionizing the administration

10 Oct

Essay: Revolutionizing the administration

Sample Essay

Following the elimination of male participation was a determined but delayed attempt to revolutionize the administration by understanding and recognizing the ideology of this type of community development social construct. A newly established premise rejected stigmatizing this victimized female population which replaced the initial emphasis on avoiding the stigmatization of the male population.  Within a final recognition of the “irrational” and chaotic administrative forums, the revolutionized administration designated a move away from forums that served as a pulpit for motivational inspiration and replaced this pulpit with a forums that would “discuss problems” and collaborative develop strategies.”  Unfortunately, the domination of “irrational process” dominated the initial administrative forum that indicated a lack of awareness of the value of collaborative, strategic forum based on problem-solving.

The revolutionized administration altered the purpose of its decision and policy making forums by finally recognizing the forum’s current “irrational” and chaotic nature. This new administration recognized and eradicated this non – productive nature by disassembling the dominant forms that served as corrupt pulpits for motivational and inspirational discussions. These motivational and inspirational pulpits were replaced by administrative forums that “discussed problems” and developed productive “collaborative strategies.” Decision and policy making forums would now avoid the present chaos of pulpits that exchanged destructive and abusive battles between aggression, status and personal commendation.  The newly established purpose of the administrative forums would rely on optimistic discussions for problem – resolution and cohesive collaborations.

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