Essay: Review of the National Women’s Forum on Gender Equality

10 Oct

Essay: Review of the National Women’s Forum on Gender Equality

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As the international women’s day approaches, many forums and conferences are being held prior to the day’s celebrations. Highlights of these forums focus mostly on issues which affect women on a daily basis and more so, those which have impacted greatly on their quest for equality in the modern world. It is in this bid that UNESCO organized a series of forums in its member countries for women to come together and review these same issues. This paper provides an analysis of one such forum where the issue under discussion was gender bias especially in the workplace. Moreover, it was also an avenue for the world to evaluate the contributions made towards promoting women’s rights.

The event dubbed “Appreciating Women: Breaking Prejudices, Ending Gender Discrimination and Promoting Equality” was held on 26th February 2010, in New York at the United Nation’s headquarters.  The women’s forum brought together women from all over the country that represented a vast range of women’s organizations and groups among others. The forum was conducted under the umbrella of UNESCO. Apart from celebrating the international women’s day, this forum was put up by the United Nation in a bid to showcase the necessity for the world to give preference to women’s rights and gender equality. According to UNESCO (2010), the international organization believes in gender equality as the only remedy for sustainable development in the world.

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