Essay: Retail Stores

17 Oct

Essay: Retail Stores

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There is a mistake when firm managers are designing their retail stores. It is assumed that all customers are sighted and thus visually attuned to the merchandising, point of sale information, point of purchase displays, lighting, colors and the labels of the products.

However, among the targeted consumers are the ones who are visually impaired and it gets very difficult or else impossible to distinguish the printed and signs on the faces of the products. This kind of assumption poses a substantial barrier when the consumers with visual impairment are doing their shopping (Babson College, 2010).  

            There are different types of disabilities in people including blindness, dumbness, crippled and mentally challenged among others. Although there are different types of disabled consumers, my study emphasizes on visually impaired person. This type of consumer is not completely blind but has difficulties in vision and thus is different form the normal consumers in the market. Most of the products in the market are not completely varied and this will make it very difficult for this type of customer to see the distinctions. For instance, when one enters the shopping malls, he or she will get soaps or toothpastes, which are almost the same and produced by the same manufacturing companies. Although they bear the same trade name, the ingredients used in their processing makes them a bit different and for this reason, a person with visual difficulties may not be able to distinguish them. It therefore follows that people with visual difficulties need assistance when making purchases (Evans, et al, 2009).

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