Essay: Results of inequalities in gaming

10 Oct

Essay: Results of inequalities in gaming

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One hundred and eighteen questionnaires were filled and returned by the respondents. Of these, eighteen were poorly filed and the remaining one hundred were forwarded for analysis. 30% of the one hundred questionnaires were filled by women and the remaining 70% filled by the male respondents. With regard to dominance in the video industry, as significant 94% of the respondents affirmed that the industry was dominated by men, only 5% thought that women dominated and 1% was not sure. Then, regarding Lara croft and the role she plays in bringing to the fore the gender inequalities, 82% of the population indicate that Lara Croft was instrumental in furthering feminism, 10% thought that Lara exhibited male dominance because of the masculinity associated with the character while 8% were not sure.

The impact of Lara croft in video gaming presented exciting results. 68% of the population affirmed that since its introduction, the video industry has undergone various changes and female themes are increasingly being explored. However, 30% argued that the industry is still being dominated by men and minimal changes have occurred since the introduction of Lara Croft. Concerning the contribution of video gaming to violence and crime, 71% of the population agreed that consistent exposure to video gaming is likely to contribute to violence especially in adolescents. 20% felt that video gaming was just fun and had no implications on the development of behavioural disorder. The remaining 9% were unaware of the relationship between video gaming and violence.

With regard to gender disparities in the criminal justice system, 57% of the population affirmed that women are underrepresented in the criminal justice system. 40% contended that women are a minority and therefore, their under representation should not raise any concerns. The remaining 3% felt that both genders were equally represented in the criminal justice system. Further probing resulted to 63% of the population affirming that there is an urgent need to undertake counter measures in order to enhance equal representation in the criminal justice system. 20% did not see any need of affirmative action because they felt that women already had a fair representation in the criminal justice system.

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