Essay: Results and Discussion on repressing thoughts

18 Oct

Essay: Results and Discussion on repressing thoughts

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The results were tabulated in order to give the reader a clear understanding of what the research discovered. The researches also made a good use of graphs as a way of showing their findings. Graphs and tables give a clear indication of the target of any research. According to the research expressions of thoughts showed more mentions than in the case of suppression of the same thought.

In the process of suppressing an exciting thought, there are two important stages, which are the initial suppression and the intrusion reaction. When a person starts to suppress an emotion that is causing a certain thought deliberately, he or she is likely to experience some arousal. This is because the individual must first be conscious about the thought so that he or she can make any attempts of suppressing it. Moreover, the suppression may not be very effective initially and thus the exciting thought may stay long enough to cause an emotional response. In some instances, it has been observed that some initial excitement is essential in the effectiveness of the thought suppression process. For example, college men viewing pictures of naked women showed less skin conductance level compared to when they were reminded about memories of their parents during similar pictures viewing sessions. In another study involving individuals watching a film on a faked accident, the emotional arousal was observed to be less when the subjects were isolated.

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