Essay: Research and Development in U.S.A

19 Oct

Essay: Research and Development in U.S.A

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Moreover United States is viewed as having far more research funding as compared to other major developed countries put together. By the year 1990, Japan’s research and development was found to be half that of America. In the same year Germany’s research and development was only twenty percent that of United States (Nau 872). In military and basic research, United States emerges the best.

In aerospace technology, United States is considered as being the leading. A missile defense system which has not been developed on earth is currently being developed in United States. Approximately sixty seven percent of world’s Internet- Capable Computers are found in United States. Considering leadership administrations, the first Clinton and Bush administrations were viewed to strengthen Scientific Research Capability leaving other countries to lag behind. Arguments were put across that United States was the first to be in the information age thus developing first in new materials, aerospace, medical science among others. But in the 21st century it is evitable that United States has left Japan and Europe in Science and Technology although the two countries were nearly outdoing United States in Science and technology about a decade ago. How can a state which is far ahead in terms of technology which is a basic requirement in current development in all areas not continue being hegemon?

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