Essay: Research Analysis on hospitality management

19 Oct

Essay: Research Analysis on hospitality management

Sample Essay

The findings were presented together because some issues were common to all the respondents and had cause and effect relationship. Fourteen participating hotels identified several main issues namely shortage of employees 100% of the respondents, 64% of the respondents talked of challenges in approach to training and development. While 50% of the respondents emphasized on the high level of employee turnover.

Shortage of employees

Participants pointed out that the overall education level in Taiwan has risen in the last decade. This has caused a problem to the hospitality firms in recruiting entry-level employees. The increased growth of the hospitality industry has made the shortage even worse. Respondents however, believe that at middle level the case is different there is o shortage at this level. However, those who hold these positions are not qualified but only fill these positions because a vacancy emerged. The other main problem was that those who graduate are not ready to fill entry positions in the hotels. The youth also tend to neglect this sector and major on fashion and technology sectors, which are more appealing. The level at which hotels are developing is also higher than the level at which the employees can be trained.

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