Essay: Repressing thoughts

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In the second experiment, the interviewees were instructed to verbalize what they were thinking while suppressing and expressing their thoughts about sex and dancing. The skin conductance level was also measured using the standards procedures in two-four minutes baseline periods. The results in a private and a public think loud conditions were compared.

According to finding of this experiment, a higher skin conductance level was observed when the subject tried to suppress the thought about sex when compared to the level when the thought was about dancing. However, the differences in the SCL diminished with time. The study was done in a small room and again in public. This study was to show how elevations of SCL would vary according to where the interviewee was. The study was done in thirteen three minutes periods whereby the subject was being instructed by the experimenter to suppress or express a certain thought. The experiment confirmed that the nature of the thought, private or public, did not have significant effects on the results (ibid). .

In the third experiment, the period was extended from three or four minutes to thirty minutes. The subjects were required to verbalize their thoughts while they expressed or suppressed their thoughts of sex and weather for a period of thirty minutes. While the thoughts were being recorded, the skin conductance level was simultaneously recorded. The experiment sought to investigate whether the influence of the thought had uniform effects on the skin conductance level throughout the 30 minutes period. As expected, the skin conductance level increased at the start of the session. Moreover, the thought of sex had a higher impact on the SCL (ibid).

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