Essay: Repressing the consumers

Sample Essay

There are symbolic and experimental elements found in the service that suggest that consumers are seen from only one perspective and this represses and stigmatizes the consumers. It will follow that these repressed and stigmatized consumers will fight and negotiate for their lost identities. There are times when the external factors found in the retail service interact with an individual’s characteristics like visual impairment and individual state like motivation.

This interaction leads to inhibiting the consumer’s chance of being in the market and exerts control over the behavior of the consumer. The consumer will then be expected to experience vulnerability and his self be in jeopardy. When some consumers are not recognized in the market p0lace, there results market segmentation in terms of gender, age, race and physical ability. The segmentation further results to failure in recognizing the buying power of some consumers and later devaluing and repression of people’s identities. This leads to a negative consequence in the market exercise (Babson College, 2010).

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