Essay: My Representative in the State Senate

17 Oct

Essay: My Representative in the State Senate

Sample Essay

In the California State Senate, Walter Herger William, of District 2, is my representative in the house. He was born in the year nineteen forty five and he is a Republican with a lot of interest in business and entrepreneurship. Since the year 2002, Herger has consistently won three elections through the Republican Party (Herger 2009). Herger has previously served on the very influential US house committee on the ways and means.

Under it, he has also served on the subcommittee on trade and the Family Support, Income and Security subcommittee. He has emerged a leading member of the republican delegation to the subcommittee on Trade in the California State Senate. The contacts for Herger Walter (R – CA-2) are:; phone number is 202-225-3076 while his fax number is 202-225-1740. The information could also be found at the web page and the uTube page.

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