Essay: Removal of the Cherokee

25 Jun

Essay: Removal of the Cherokee

Although some Cherokees such as Elias Boudinot, Major Ridge, and his son John, were for the removal of the Cherokee, it is of paramount importance to note that their followers were few. This shows that the Americans did not respect the rights of the majority who felt that the land was theirs.

Ridge went ahead and signed a treaty with President Andrew Jackson. This legal document gave the president powers he wanted to oversee the first removal of Americans. The signing of the treaty was like a sign of betrayal by Major Ridge because the removal could not have occurred if the treaty was not signed. On the other hand, the president and the people of America were able to gain the upper hand after they had secured the document. When General John Wool was ordered to lead the removal of the Cherokee, he saw it as a violation of their rights and resigned. This shows that most people knew that what the government was doing was not right.

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