Essay: Religious stress in schools

19 Oct

Essay: Religious stress in schools

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Even though less obvious in Australia than the US, more conservative religious stresses also put forth influence upon schools and schooling. Interestingly, Apple discloses how conservative tendencies in crowded states for example Texas and California can have a major impact upon the educational custom across the US all together. The economies of scale inside the textbook publication market denote that the principles which are leading in such states can manipulate the nature of the education accessible to learners well beyond their limits.

All Australian schools offer values education in an intended and methodical way by: expressing, in consultation with their school society, the school’s duty or ethos; developing learner responsibility in local, nationwide and international contexts and erecting learner flexibility and societal skills; ensuring principles are integrated into school policies and teaching programs across the main learning domains; and assessing the effects of their principles education practices (National Framework for Values Education in Australian Schools, n.d.).

We in live relatively conservatism times.

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