Essay: The reasons for the Battle of the Wounded Knee

5 Jan

Essay: The reasons for the Battle of the Wounded Knee

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The main reasons for the battle of the wounded knee of 1890 pertained to the discrepancy of the lifestyles and the cultural difference between the whites and the native Indians, the whites felt threatened by the religions and the lifestyles of the native Indians and through of them as barbaric. The native Indians however saw the onslaught of the white population in the region as the invasion of their homeland by foreigners. As a result the disgruntled generation and the disparity between the two cultures forced aggressive wars against the native Indians.

The whites in the region were of the opinion that the issue could be resolved by the simple act of conducting a battle to wipe out the presence of the native Indians, however by the time the battle of the wounded knee took place the Whites were willing to use the strategies of negotiations as well. However the confusion and chaos that was caused by the forceful actions of the cavalry and the use of heavy weaponry like the Hotchkiss guns out the negotiations in an awry resulting in the devastating war of the wounded knee.

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