Essay: Reason for Formation of Iran Syria Alliances

11 Oct

Essay: Reason for Formation of Iran Syria Alliances

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From the beginning of this alliance, it is evident that it main reason as to why it was formed was for political reasons. Syria wanted to deal with interference of its affairs from Baghdad and at the same time, Iran wanted to spread its revolutionary theocracy, which their leader had established (Ranstorp, 1997, p. 39). This is an indication that this alliance is very strong since both countries aim at protecting its own interests. By this alliance, the hostility that had been erected by the Sunni-Arab countries namely Egypt and Saudi Arabia who had a lot of fear that the Iran revolution would sweep them too.

Since the political status of these perceived enemies has not changed much, this alliance still face retaliatory threats especially from Saudi Arabia. Therefore the countries have found it very necessary to remain very committed to their alliance as it is the best way to protect their individual interests thus making the alliance very strong (Daniele, 2006).

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