Essay: Reason for Competency Model

17 Oct

Essay: Reason for Competency Model

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One of the major reasons for strongly recommendation for adopting the competence model for managing organization’s competencies is due to existence of the gap between the potential and actual performance of the organizational Human Resources community in delivering services needed to accomplish the firm’s mission.  Therefore, competency model is the key tool to help close the gap in support for the transformation of HRM programs.

However, in general the support behind designing, construction, advocating and implementation of the competency model for HR persons are: first and foremost is to define competencies for a variety of organizationally-based positions and roles. This is because the model identifies workers’ roles and core competencies which is designed to be flexibly applied and can be adapted to specific organizational needs and culture. Secondly, the model redefines the role of the HR organization in the UAE community.  Thirdly, the competency model provides a tool for hiring, developing, and assessing the performance of workforce. Fourth, the model establishes the framework for building a performance-oriented and mission-driven HR organization.

The fifth aspect is that the approach to transforms the institutional HRM program, its leadership, and organization’s HR staffs. Sixth, it establishes a framework for internal workforce and strategic planning for Human Resources (Dubois, 2008). The seventh reason for advocating for the competency model is the fact that the model defines competencies such as the knowledge, abilities, skills, and other traits which are needed by the HR professional. Lastly, the model helps the Human Resources mangers to redefine the role of the HR organization in the context of the United Arab Emirates. It can be argued therefore that the model is educative and inform the HR community and its leadership of the best practices and new directions in organizations that have undergone significant HR program reinvention, which should help the business community UAE inclusive to reach consensus on approaches for adapting to new work environments.

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