Essay: Reaction to Technological Change

19 Oct

Essay: Reaction to Technological Change

Sample Essay

Since its setting up, copyright law has reacted to technological change. At present, the changes that are take hold of all the publicity related to digital technology and digital communications networks, such as the Internet and personal computers (Lindsey 25). However, these technologies, comparable to many other innovations, are both capable and potentially detrimental to various factions interested in the use and manipulation of works of authorship, from books and music to films and web pages (Marybeth 38).

There is no doubt that the issues related to achieving the right balance between these interests in light of current developments are discouraging and justifiably can be explain as “new” or “unique.” (Nimmer 101). Nevertheless, they are just one-step in a journey of incessant and successful adaptation that describes the history of copyright law. This piece of writing examines some of the digital issues faced by copyright law today (Marybeth 40).

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