Essay: The Reaction Of The Higher Education UK

3 Jan

Essay: The Reaction Of The Higher Education UK

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Williamson (2006) makes the point that the higher education sector was historically founded to serve national interests, and as such was under the control of the central government.  However, he goes further and defines globalisation as being a global phenomenon and internationalisation as the relationships between many nations (Williamson 2006).

This closely mirrors the views by Bashir (2007) who stated that the higher education sector was previously involved in scholarship and faculty exchange programmes as means of knowledge transfer, which is more aligned with internationalism, as opposed to globalisation which involves establishing international campuses in other locations outside theUK.  When one considers these statements it becomes clear, that the higher education sector could find themselves displaced from the knowledge market, as they do not view themselves as being part of a global community.  Williamson (2006) attempts to explain this by suggesting that globalisation does not recognise national principles, which could be considered to be true.  If we look at other forms of globalisation such as financial markets; regardless of whether the markets fail or succeed, the outcome will affect all nations.

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