Essay: Rape Crime Interventions and public policy implication

10 Oct

Essay: Rape Crime Interventions and public policy implication

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The act of rape is violence that uses sex as a weapon that is harmful to the victims (table.1), which is motivated by aggression and by the desire to humiliate and exert power. Therefore, social control strategies must first place rape on domain of violence against women rather than on a sexual realm. However, such strategies like early responses to sexual violence outside the criminal justice system, use of the medical-legal nexus, sex offender treatment approaches; Biological interventions, Systemic approach, Aversion therapy, Cognitive behavioral therapy, Relapse prevention and Schema-focused therapy that offer a greater deal help.

Public policy implication under Siegel’s Trait theory, it influences societal legal policy framework formulations that focus on crime of rape prevention and control programs (Siegel, 2006, 104). For instance at micro level, primary programs are formulated that seek to treat individual problems before they manifest into criminal behavior (Kanin, 1985, p.53), while secondary prevention programs are geared towards providing treatment after one has violated the law and tertiary measures is the use of mood-altering chemicals to control behavior like imipramine, lithium, benzodiazepines, pemoline, phenytoin (Siegel, 2006, 274).

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