12 Oct


Sample Essay

Quetelet was an influential figure in criminology. Along with Andre-Michel Guerry, he helped to establish the cartographic school and positivist schools of criminology which made extensive use of statistical techniques. Through statistical analysis, Quetelet gained insight into the relationships between crime and other social factors. Among his results were strong relationships between age and crime, as well as gender and crime. Other influential factors he found included climate, poverty, education, and alcohol consumption, with his research findings as published in Development of the Propensity to Crime.

It can be deduced from his book that the climate of an area can sociologically affect the life of the people in that location, poverty also plays a very high role in the increase of crime, as well as poor education and alcohol consumption. If the educational background in a certain area is poor, the people of that locality will have no option than crime, since there is no other means to which they can get what they want so also with alcohol consumption, if the rate of alcohol consumption is high in an area the crime level of that area will be high, all these are therefore seen as the key factors that influences crime in a locality.

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