Essay: Qualification to run a hotel industry

18 Oct

Essay: Qualification to run a hotel industry

Sample Essay

In Britain, various law have put in place to dictate all the conditions which investors have to adhere to in order to fully qualify for running a hotel industry in a given area. The regulations are stipulated in various regulations that are passed by the United Kingdom government. The regulations also ensure that the needs and health conditions of the people who cater for uses the hotel facilities are catered for.

Nigeria also have various environmental laws and regulations set up to protect the needs of the customers and to ensure the environment is not only protected, but also that the conditions in which the hotel is build  are fit for human existence. In England for instance, certain seasons do not favor the existence of the hotel industry during certain times o the year. Certain environmental laws therefore dictate the extent to which the hotels can operate in such environments and the manner and standards which ought to be fulfilled in order to fully meet the needs of the environmental watchdogs.

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