Essay: Punishment Must Never Contradict the Principles of Morality

20 Oct

Essay: Punishment Must Never Contradict the Principles of Morality

Sample Essay

Although we have argued that criminal punishments must never contradict the principles of morality especially human dignity and his/her entire common good, no society should tolerate criminals. They should be severely punished and by all means prevented from committing further crimes. I admire severe measures taken by the court that inflict ample discipline and penance to the offender. I believe it is such a good thing when criminals reform out of the punishment conferred to them by their authorities.

However, criminals are human beings who both need counseling and should not forget their rights too. A good society is the one that aims at reforming wicked characters; this is the best way forward. I want to reiterate that, criminals cannot be tolerated in the society by all means and the government should strengthen its security forces in ensuring that the rate of crime is minimal. Security is a human right and any attempts to infringe it should be dealt with accordingly. As illustrated above every concept has both strong points and weak points so I recommend that a good and more convincing concept on punishment be derived from the strong points on each. However, incapacitation is the best way to go but on condition that prisons strictly adhere to the correct ways to deal with wrong-doers, upholding their dignity and reforming their character.

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