Essay: Public statements in contract law

10 Oct

Essay: Public statements in contract law

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Public statements made on the services offered by the manager and the enterprise also make up a distinct part of their contract with consumers (DTI, 2005, p.9). Managers aware of the implications of this will be keen to provide factual details on their services. In advertising the services, the manager will be careful to fit the description of services to the actual services. Generally, the manager can be obliged to refute any bids for breach of contract by the consumer if they are in any way not responsible for these statements. In doing so, they should display through provision of amicable reasons of their lack of awareness.

In addition, if the statement made had been rectified prior to the transaction, the manager should have evidence to defend this claim. Lastly, they are also empowered to prove that regardless of their public statement regarding the services, the consumer could not have been affected as claimed. Understanding the broad spectrum of contract law allows the manager to grasp the extent of both their rights and those of consumers. In cases of the breach of contract, the manager aware of the consumer’s rights is able to create solutions for their predicament putting to mind the best ways to enable minimal losses for the business.

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