Essay: Public Key Infrastructures

14 Oct

Essay: Public Key Infrastructures

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Public key infrastructure involves a number of technologies, techniques, and methods that are aimed at providing a secure infrastructure on increasing unsecure internet communication. Public key infrastructure  (PKI) was a concept introduced in 1976 by Hellman, Markle and Diffie that aimed at enabling  privacy through private key decrypts and public key encrypts; Digital signatures through public key verifies and private key signs (International Association for Cryptologic Research, 2010).

Through the tools of design of public key infrastructure such as privacy and digital signatures, PKI able to provide an increased level of confidence among stakeholders for exchange information over the unsecure internet medium. PKI provides the enormous benefits to users such as certainly that information set is private and confidential. Secondly, the use is certain of the source and definition of information (Philip and Marc, 1997). Third in case of legal disputes, the user is sure information communicated can be used in legal proceedings as evidence. Forth, users are certain of the equality of information they receive or send electrically.

PKI is facilitated by public key cryptograph that is technique utilizing mathematic concepts to create a pair of cryptographic keys that are used to ensure information privacy “encryption’’ or verify the information senders identity “signings” in order for the user to obtain the PKI, the individual can obtain right PKI from the owner directly or indirectly from certification Agent (CA) in a form of signed message which is digitally signed for CA that binds name to the public key (Jeffrey, 2000). For example, “Peters on public key can be 3400434550000171192 (signed: CA)”

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