Essay: Psychological Trait Theories

10 Oct

Essay: Psychological Trait Theories

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Psychological Trait Theories focus on the psychological and behavioral domains of criminals and believe that crime of rape can possibly be managed and minimized by regulating reproduction of the feebleminded. In this connection, psychodynamic proposition of theory suggest that people carry the residue of childhood attachments that guide future interpersonal relationships that encompasses ID, ego and super ego. This relates to persons unconscious urges for sex. Thus, if the development of a person is interfered with, there are likely to develop unhealthy personality that can be diverted to rape crime (Peter, Cozzens, 1990, p. 244). While psychodynamics of abnormal behavior reveals that Inferiority complex; People with a drive for superiority, Bipolar disorder and CD (Conduct Disorder); are severely anti-social and persons affected are likely to engage in rape crime in society.

Unfortunately, there is linkage between mental illness and crime of rape. Psychosis (Personality disorders), such as criminal with Paranoid Schizophrenia (delusions of wrongdoing and persecution) are linked to crime of rape (Cabassi, 2008, p. 82). Behavioral theory of Psychological Trait Theories focus on the premise that human actions are developed through learning experiences in their environment. In this regard social learning theory offers a better explanation for behavioral approach in explaining rape crime.

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