Essay: Psychological Study of Well Being and Happiness

18 Oct

Essay: Psychological Study of Well Being and Happiness

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Each individual is unique, thus each person possesses different personality traits which determines personal psychological well being. In the real world perception, some people are found to be happy while others are sad. The article seeks to evaluate the underlying reasons why some people tend to be happy and others are always sad with the support of psychological theories. The main concern of positive psychology on this article is based on the happiness.

Happiness is an emotion in which each individual longs to feel and experience on daily basis. It is defined as feeling of joy, satisfaction and contentment.  In contrary people are responsible for deciding what makes one happy, it is strictly a personal choice to be happy or unhappy(Smithe).  The psychological study of well-being and happiness is relatively still a new field. However, the field has already delivered some powerful insights and advice on positive psychology. The article also discusses the need for happiness among individuals and its benefits.

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