Essay: Psychodynamic perspective on rage

Sample Essay

The addiction patients that are at different levels of their various illnesses in some instances experience a feeling of rage that could be directed at different persons. Wolf (2001) indicates that this could be directed at the self, God, the doctor, family and friends amongst others. Usually, this is perpetuated by the feeling of suffering, helplessness, the terror of the unknown and the resultant blame. This condition varies from moderate to extreme levels and is manifested in different ways (Masterson, 1998)

Psychoanalysts perceive extreme rage as a behavioral disorder that has various implications on an individual’s actions and feelings. They argue that rage, if uncontrolled, leads to violence and the resultant destruction and other forms of disturbances. In his study, Wolf (2001) shows that the purpose of therapy in this regard is to restore a feeling of calmness and integrity in an addict’s life. Further, he indicates that in some instances, chronic rage at times is prevented from reaching a level of transference. This situation according to him inhibits proper treatment of the same. Kelly (1996) shows that most patients affected by rage are increasingly reaching these dangerous levels that are characterized by rage. Presently, treatment in this regard is directed at addressing the outcome of this rage (destruction) rather than the real course of the rage.

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