Essay: Proper Learning of the Medical Course

19 Oct

Essay: Proper Learning of the Medical Course

Sample Essay

For proper learning of the medical course, some basic principles are required for a student to be able to understand. The most basic principle of learning is readiness. Students are supposed to be prepared psychologically, mentally and physically in order to be able to understand the medical terms and the practical in the field of science. The instructor is entitled to provide leadership by creating an interest in a student so that he can be able to priories the academic work.

This will make the student to ignore the inconsequential things but instead will focus on learning with zeal. The medical students encounter so many vocabularies and this requires the preparation of the mind for understanding (Barret et al., 2005). Its is recommended that a student doing the medical course for example a nurse who is able to multi task is supposed to have some adequate rest, health and the physical energy. Exhaustion of the mind by the student or ill health disorganizes the student and creates an environment of dullness. They should engage themselves in activities which will encourage the off loading of the issue in the mind and create a vacuum environment for learning. A good timetable is a recipe of proper organization of the mind. Complex timetable will exhaust the student psychologically.

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