Essay: Promotion recommendations for Rihanna

11 Jul

Essay: Promotion recommendations for Rihanna

Considering the fact the aim and objectives of the promotions is to increase the customer base and diversify on the age group. The promotion aspect should deal with these objectives. The promotion should include all media advertising forms to reach a wider target, the intense use of the internet as most young people spend a lot of time there. Advertise on the most visited stations from television to radio, targeting the popular shows.

The public relations office should create a good image of Rihanna and also give her advice on how to conduct herself in order to attract consumers. The sales team should embark on a door to door, mouth to mouth campaign to reach a wider target and the use of digital communication and outdoor advertising to market.

In conclusion the marketing of Rihanna and her personality is the marketing of her products; the two cannot be separated form the music industry. Who she is and what she represents will greatly affect he future in this business it is for this reason that the above recommendations were made.

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